The Apsara Authority has partnered with the Bakong District Authority to start pumping water into the Bakong temple area to rescue the remaining fish. According to a report from the Siem Reap Provincial Information Department to Information Minister Khieu Kanharith on June 12, 2020.

So far, around 13 trout have been killed due to water at the farm of Ring Hut in shallow water, he said. Seeing the incident on June 10, local authorities and Apsara authorities inspected the situation and sought immediate action, requesting fire trucks from the police and five other bodies to bring water. In the Bakong temple to save the remaining fish.

To save the remaining fish, authorities put in place three measures. In the first, the authorities put water trucks outside the area to allow fish to survive. The second hit the well to pump water into the tank, and the third, 50 to 60 people, continued to pump mud to get it deeper.

It should be highlighted that on June 8, the villagers and the monks found a catfish weighing heavily due to the warming of the water in the bungalows. Some of the fish were taken to another pond and a large kelp was kept in the ponds.