Svay Rieng: Peng Nil, Branch ManagerAnti-fraud led the team in the morning of 16 June 2020 in collaboration with Provincial Department of Commerce At Kampong Trach market, Kampong Trach commune, Romeas Hek district, Svay Rieng province, for the purpose of finding chemicals that are sold on vegetables, fish, meat, processed foods and goods, and Expiration date.

According to Pung Nil, that the inspection activity at Kompong Trach market, officials have examined food items on the stalls in the market. And used a preliminary Test Kits kit on 56 food samples to find out which chemicals were harmful to people's health, and also examined them. Go on sale for sale.

As a result, after the implementation, the experts found the defective products and exceeded the five consumables: fish sauce 50 bottles of Koh Kong and 7 containers of cake (5 kg) only 30 packages of 25 toothpaste and oil Twenty-seven boxes of kola were collected, and officials recorded the items to be stored for later arson.

Pung Nil confirmed that branch officials protect consumers, challenge and crack down on fraud and provincial trade departments, and check out items like rain. To find out what substances (chemicals) that may be harmful to the consumer and ask the merchants to cooperate with the officials Specializing in the inspection of all kinds of goods in markets in the province.
By: Waiko