US private space company SpaceX launches its seventh-generation 60 Starlink satellite into space, launching a Falcon 9 rocket from its 39A (LC-39A) launch at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 3:30 pm Eastern time, according to a statement from the Chennai Daily website.

After the initial firing of the Falcon 9 'landed on the drone located in the Atlantic Ocean. SpaceX later confirmed the successful deployment of 60 Starlink satellites.

Falcon 9's first phase supported Crew Dragon's first flight to the International Space Station, launching the fourth RADARSAT Constellation Mission and Starlink, according to SpaceX. Falcon 9 'exhibit supports the AMOS-17 mission.

According to SpaceX, Starlink will provide high-speed internet to locations that are not reliable, expensive, or completely unavailable. The company's internet service will be available in the northern United States and Canada at some point this year, with global coverage for 2021.