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South Korea reports Feb. 7 death toll due to infectious disease COVID-19 and 161 new infections, bringing the total number to 763 in the country.

South Korean health authority announces 62-year-old man dies in hospital in CHEONGDO February 23, 2011 – A virus originating from China brings the death toll to seven in South Korea since it appeared In the country from the end of January.

The number of infected in a branch of the SHINCHEONJI church in the southeastern city of DAEGU and in the hospital in DAENAM is increasing rapidly. Like arrows, it represents over half of the country's total number of infections. Of the 1621 new cases, 142 were in DAEGU, about 300 kilometers southeast of Seoul and In North GYEONGSANG Province. Three infected people in Seoul.

SEOUL, Feb. 23 (Xinhua) – South Korea lifted its highest level of alert for the first time since the country's first red alert Since 2009 has been the year of bird flu (H1N1). Such advanced alerts allow authorities to temporarily suspend schools and halt flights from Korea South.

The Ministry of Education has ordered all schools, including kindergarteners, to delay one week of admission. Learn to prevent the spread of the virus. Excerpt from the website: yna (Edited by: Bopha)