Phnom Penh: Relevant to the case of some people living in Phnom Penh Unpaid Waste Collection Services Phnom Penh City Hall Warns of Unpaid Waste Collection Publicly disseminate on social media or media and record debts and take administrative measures.

Phnom Penh Municipal Administration on May 25, 2020 announces the promotion of the cost of garbage collection service in Phnom Penh during the period Interval.

The Phnom Penh Municipal Administration has informed the people, business owners, services and private institutions that use garbage collection services in Phnom Penh. That, after commencing implementation of the charge for garbage collection and solid construction in Phnom Penh, in the electronic phase, so far the Capital Administration Phnom Penh has noticed that most people already pay for garbage collection services. However, there is still no obligation to pay for garbage and solid waste services.

The Phnom Penh Municipal Administration has requested that people who have not yet paid for the services for the collection of solid waste and solid construction. Otherwise, garbage in a timely manner, the Capital Administration will implement a number of measures such as:

1) Make public list of your unpaid garbage collection services on social media or on social media

2) Record debt and take administrative action by temporarily closing a business or service

3) Take other measures as necessary.

It should be informed that the Royal Government has decided to divert the cost of garbage collection in Phnom Penh from Cintri to Waste Management Authority and Reinforced Phnom Penh for Improved Waste Collection

By: Kolab