Phnom Penh Governor HE Khuong Sreng advisedHave some health care providers get rid of unkind words for patients as well as people who have access to health services.
Such guidance was made by HE Koung Sreng on the afternoon of June 12, 2020, as he presided over the ceremony. Disseminate and operate the Department of Health under the management structure of Phnom Penh Municipal Administration ”at the Capital Hall.

His Excellency Khuong Sreng, said that our Cambodian doctors are capable of not losing overseas doctors. During the course of the Kov-19 disease, the imaging team was quite capable of treating patients with G-19. Healing has so far only left one patient with a C-19, and no one with a C-19. Die too. But the negative thing about our doctors is that some of the doctors have used inappropriate words for patients. As well as the people who go to the sick and those who get services from the health sector. Therefore, HE Governor had urged teachers who used the language less to get maximum support From the people.

Regarding this issue, HE Koung Sreng also advised the Deputy Governor in charge of Health and the Department of Health with the Ministry of Health. Local authorities must also visit referral hospitals and public hospitals to find out and hear what their doctors say We serve the people good or bad. It is then that we know who the doctors are and what they say, and how they treat the patients and the people of the country. Get services. After hearing and receiving the negative points of the doctors, we were to summon them for guidance. Make sure they correct the behavior as if they are rude or inappropriate. This will improve our health sector and the support of the people.

During the dissemination and operation of the Department of Health under the management structure of the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration, HE Khuong Sreng said. In the name of the Capital Administration, he highly appreciates the efforts of your doctors, doctors, and health officials at all levels. Put past work in line with their respective roles and duties for the cause of improving people's health through the provision of quality health services. Equity and professional adherence, especially the high level of dedication of health officials during the global stage of the global epidemic, Each effectively prevented and managed the difficult situation in Phnom Penh.

HE Governor added that the achievements and achievements of the health officers, staff and staff at all levels of health Department of Health in Phnom Penh and it cannot be separated from the Ministry of National Institutions. Development partners at national and international organizations aim to contribute to improving public health and quality of health services.
By: Kolab