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Phnom Penh: Among 17 sports that Cambodia officially announced as a category for SEA Games 2023 when For the first time, only bokator and chess were expected to win the most medals since both sports were sports. New at the Sigma Games and Cambodia's national sport, only Cambodia is a specialist. However, Cambodia has also stepped up its pre-game strategy, not to mention that it is a specialized sport No neglect.

According to the announcement of the National Organizing Committee of Southeast Asian Games of Cambodia (CAMSOC), after the decision to determine the national sport. Bokator and chess
A number of ASEAN countries also train in this sport, some send athletes and others. It also asked experts from Cambodia to train those countries directly. It is stated that players from several countries who train bokator and chess also take good skill to lose Cambodia. The owners of the sport as well as the players sent by them to train or train are similar martial arts professionals Bokator and chess, also international chess.

Therefore, Cambodian players cannot afford to ignore this as their own skill and underestimate their opponents. However, it remains to be seen whether both sports will have a chance to win major gold medals for a reason. Cambodian batsmen and chess players have always made their best choices.

Sources from both federations claim that so far the resources of the Lions and Chess players have been carefully trained. Putting aside those resources, there is also a clear subsidy to motivate.

On the other hand, bokator and chess matches were concluded in the ASEAN countries which sent players to train and requested Cambodian experts to train. There are only a few countries, as both disciplines have estimated that 11 countries will not place players. Every country, and if so, can only impose a duty which is still a priority for Cambodia. Also, the development of the rules and regulations are also in line with the skills of the Cambodian sport, which still excite Cambodian players. He still expects two national sports, bokator and chess, to emerge in SEA Games by 2023 for reasons. Above.

CAMSOC Secretary-General Vath Chamroeun says hosting the SEAG Games has the right to submit the most potential sports category, especially It is his own national sport so he understands that bokator and chess are what Cambodia expects most. In addition to the above 17 potential sports, there are many other sports prepared and included, CAMSOC added. Also, Cambodia is considering more sports so that the Cambodian players can get a medal.

He claimed that both sports, ready-to-wear and inclusive sports could be included in the Games By 2023, if these sports have enough potential to clinch a medal. He said that the first category is the ones that have to be included (17 categories), the second the teams are ready (15 Category) and the third category as a reserve group (13 categories).

He said that the 17 sports to be included in the 2023 SEA Games include athletics, swimming, ping pong , Chengdu, Taekwondo, WTF, Water motors, Vovina, Khmer boxing, Bokator, Chess, Wrestling, Taekwondo Kundo ITF, Tennis, Boxing, Tennis, and Cyprus (Chin). So far, each player has stepped up his preparation.

Featured sports included badminton, karate, martial arts, cycling, tennis Desktop, Triathlon, Sailboats, Gymnastics, Horse Riding, Basketball, Volleyball, Judo, Dance, Golfing & Boating Karnu and Ruby. Reserve sports include: E-Sport, Weightlifting, Wushu, Sorzio Camo, Chinese Chess , Tennis, archery, archery, hockey, baseball and snooker, rugby, baseball and hiking. (Edited by: Bopha)