Kratie: Some Buddhists and the committee of 100 abbots of Vihear Thom pagoda expressed surprise and protested against the presence of Venerable Eng Phalla who was invited to stay And reigned as the Chief Bishop of Wat Vihear Thom 100 Pillars again after he was removed from the position of Chief Bishop of the pagoda That.

In August 2020, Venerable Eng Phalla was terminated by the Chief Priest of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Non Nget, as the Chief Bishop of Wat Vihear Thom 100 Pillars and suspended. Role of Preah Anukon, Sambo District, Kratie Province .

However, on the morning of January 18, Venerable Eng Phalla came to the pagoda again with the monks' proclamation. Director Non Nget, dated January 8, 2021, re-appointed him as the Chief Bishop of Wat Vihear Thom 100 Pillars.

Mr. So Mon, Chairman of the Committee of Acharya Wat Vihear Thom 100 Pillars, told the Post on January 18 that the presence of Venerable Eng Phalla at this time It is not a good thing for the Buddhists at the foot of the pagoda, as well as the committee of the abbot of Wat Vihear Thom 100 Pillars, because the pedagogy in many pagodas Destroyed under the rule of Venerable Eng Phalla for 4 years (2016-2020). Among them, the ancient pond, which is almost 500 years old, some hospitality schools and huts were buried and demolished without consulting with The pagoda committee and local authorities.

"I was shocked to see this monk return to power as the chief priest of Wat Vihear," said Mon. Big 100 pillars again.

Another member of the pagoda committee, Ms. Hep Saran, added: “We are very worried and lack confidence in Venerable Eng Phalla's rule. No, because he owed tens of thousands of dollars.

According to Ms. Saran, the concern of the Buddhists and the pagoda committee for the presence of Venerable Eng Phalla at this time is the fear that he will cause damage. The wealth of the pagoda increased even more as he owed more than $ 300,000 in physical debt.

But Venerable Eng Phalla told the Post that the debt he owed was because he had built the Chan School and the synagogue for the common good. Wat. In order to develop the construction of the Chan and the synagogue, he needed to dismantle the dilapidated huts, cut down trees, and remove some ponds in This pagoda.

"If I destroy and borrow money for personal gain, then I may be decapitated by the authorities," he said. And sent to prison already gone. But the chief monk gave me justice and gave me the confidence to return to manage and develop this pagoda again. .

However, Buddhists at the foot of the 100-pillar Vihear Thom pagoda, located in Sambo village, Sambo commune, Sambo district, Buth Soeun told the Post that most villagers Not happy about the presence of Venerable Eng Phalla in the pagoda anymore. But he did not dare to oppose because he came back with the priest's proclamation. "I am also unhappy, but what if the priest decides to appoint Venerable Eng Phalla to return to manage our pagoda," she said. "Again."

She said that the content of the proclamation has placed Wat Vihear Thom 100 Pillars under the direct control of the Chief Priest, not under the control of Kratie Provincial Chief will no longer require Venerable Eng Phalla to make a report on the progress of the pagoda every month and end all past incidents. In the pagoda, including debt.