Phnom Penh: CPP spokesman Sok Isan has said that secrecy of the ruling party's relationship with former CNRP leaders was a ploy to break up internal power.

Mr. Sok Isan, through the Telecommunications Network on February 9, 2020, said, “Breaking the secret that having a relationship with the leadership of the CPP is an insidious ploy to break within the CPP is impossible. "

According to Radio France International, the leaked voice, known as the voice of a former opposition lawmaker, said the ruling party and The former opposition party is seeking a negotiation ahead of the removal of the EBA.

Negotiations between the head of the Royal Government of Cambodia and Sam Rainsy, with the participation of international parties.

The blast was known as the voice of Men Thant Vuthy, a former CNRP lawmaker who was disbanded by a man by name. In an interview with Sun TV, Men Sothanarorn acknowledged that his voice was genuine. The voice was always heard by a man whose name was unknown to the ruling party or to the former opposition party.

The EBA is due to be withdrawn by the European Commission on February 12 and, if found, violate human rights and democracy.