In view of the spread of the HIV virus 19, many Cambodians are at home and socially active As recommended by the Government and World Health Organization (WHO). At the same time as many organizations have rolled out their homework policies and educational institutions have transformed into online learning, Smart Axiata is playing a role. Significantly promoting distance and supporting customers who need internet to stay connected longer. For daily online activities such as Study, work, transport, food, banking and more. The company has also actively disseminated information verified by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, the Cambodian Telecommunications Regulator and UNIC UNICEF through various networks such as SMS, IVR, CRBT and social media.

But Smart didn't exactly stop there this morning; many Smart subscribers woke up this morning Operator labels change to "#StaySafe – Smart" instead of "Smart" as always. This is a unique and fun way of reminding all Cambodians to practice separation and to avoid the place Public or crowded areas to reduce the risk of the spread of the HIV virus 19. Together with Smart, please do our part by maintaining personal hygiene, practicing social isolation, and educating the people around us Get clear, verified information.

Note: The operator logo may be removed depending on the phone model, but it runs on some IOS and Android platforms. ៕ By: CEN