Phnom Penh: March 22, 2020: Due to the recent epidemic of Virovich 19Many Cambodia is staying home and restricting all social activities in accordance with the guidelines of the Government and WHO. ). As more organizations begin to implement home-based work principles and educational institutions start providing online education for Smart Axiata (Smart Axiata) E) is playing an active role in encouraging distance to stay safe and support the right customers Stay connected to the board Extend mobile internet for longer, reducing service disruption to a minimum and providing greater convenience Especially during this difficult time.

"Many are struggling to cope with the global crisis," said Thomas Hundt, CEO of Smart Axiata. Of unprecedented 19 viremia. As a responsible telecommunications company we fully understand our customers' need to stay connected and we are ready We are especially focused on our work in response to this high demand as well as changing consumer behavior. At this point, we recognize that more and more Cambodians are starting to isolate themselves and stay home to stay safe. Therefore, we have decided to provide more internet data to all our customers. ”

From now until April 19, 2020, Smart customers will enjoy the following benefits:
Smart prepaid customers:

o Get 1GB of free data for every $ 1 through $ 1.24 (3 days valid)
o Get 2GB of free data for every single charge from $ 1.25 up to $ 4.99 (valid for 7 days)
o Get 5GB of free data for every $ 5 through $ 9.99 (valid for 14 days)
o Get 10GB of free data for every charge of $ 10 or more (valid for 30 days)
• Smart @Home subscribers will enjoy up to 2000GB of high-speed internet access
• Smart Enterprise customers will get up to 10GB of additional data per month for free in March and April

Stjepan Udovicic, marketing director of Smart Axiata, said: "As we continue to look for ways to make our lives better. Well, during this difficult time, we encourage all our customers to use the internet with their phones This is why the network will be used I used effectively. We also fully encourage our customers to use our digital software and personal service options such as software SmartNas mobile top-up, online chat, and customer service phone numbers (888) as options Customer service. ”

In order to make the impact of Kovirus 19 on its business operations extremely low, Smart has launched a management plan. Its a nationwide business that handles measures at Smart Shop nationwide and for all its employees at its head office as well as other offices. Follow. These measures, including the necessary heat controls and hand sanitizers, carry out better cleaning measures All front line staff who meet with clients in person must wear a mask from home without delaying the event Of Company A Like encouraging an online meeting with an external entity.

"We have decided to take the necessary steps to ensure the comfort of our staff, our partners and our customers," Thomas concludes. Our. Prevention and sanitation measures have been tightened as we continue to monitor the situation. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our front line staff, customer service agents, executive staff and the receptionist. All ongoing projects for tireless work to keep our important services going for us All Cambodians. ”

For more information and updates on Smart Axiata, stay tuned to Smart's official Facebook page at or visit the website

About Smart

Smart Axiata Co., Ltd. is one of the leading mobile telecommunications operators in the Kingdom and currently serving customers. 8 million under the "Smart" logo. Smart Axiata is a subsidiary of the parent company "Axiata Group Berhad", one of the largest telecommunications providers in Asia. .
Smart is one of the leading mobile telecommunications operators in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Smart is the first operator to launch the fourth-generation “4G LTE” technology in 2014. 2016 4G + technology with HD Voice (VoLTE) and 4.5G in 2017. In mid-2019, Smart has launched a technology demo. The first "5G" in the Kingdom of Cambodia, featuring the "Fifth" As a leader in mobile data services, Smart also offers a wide range of mobile technologies including: 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 3.75G as well as roaming services available in over 190 countries. Smart is providing coverage in more than 99% of the population in the whole of Cambodia.

The company is also actively transforming itself into a digital operator by providing innovative entertainment services and programs. Innovative facilities, this includes partnerships with international parties such as Universal Music, Apple and Facebook, as well as services. Digital features include: SmartLuy Warranty Service SmartPay, SmartPay, PlengbySmart, GigaGigsby Smart and SmartNas services are the vision of becoming the number one telecommunications company. Who has the most love ”in the Kingdom of Cambodia by 2022 through a high responsibility program Social and sustainability programs For the economy and society.

Smart employs a total of more than 1,000 employees including local and foreign employees. Efforts to reach joint goals of connecting and making life better. By: CEN

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