The fund is organized in addition to the activities offered by Smart Asita Implementation, including temporary installation of telemedicine service, 5 th technology (5G), data service extension and advertising campaign Many.

Phnom Penh, March 30, 2020 – Smart Axiata Co., Ltd. announces $ 1 million in funding The United States contributes to the Royal Government of Cambodia to address the HIV epidemic. The amount of the fund is an extra sum of 1% (one percent) of gross annual income The company uses its social accountability program (CSR). This fund will be used to provide financial assistance to those activities that are capable of contributing to the challenges that exist In the Kingdom of Cambodia both during and after the conflict.

The offer comes after Smart, along with Huawei, has successfully installed a temporary terminal for mediation and support. Follow up on the Kovirus 19 to the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Cambodia. On March 27, 2020, the Cambodian-Soviet Friendship Hospital and Chak Angre Health Center have successfully linked the Ministry of Health for Video conferencing system using 5G radio frequency spectrum (5G) technology to ensure speed and availability Highest capacity. This temporary installation is the first direct use of the 5G technology in the Kingdom.

Although we've invested several hundred thousand dollars during the past few weeks, Smart CEO Thomas Hundt said. However, we also see that there are many points that we all need to come together to support and address. The US $ 1 million fund will focus on initiatives in four areas: technology, telecommunications and information for education. Disaster management, distance maintenance, and personal hygiene. Private sector, including all public interest sectors, please plan to receive up to 200 funds , 000 (twenty thousand US dollars) to implement its project.

We will start receiving applications from April 8, 2020. Would you be interested in arranging your plans for us in each sector? We will conduct an internal review of the Company before submitting it to the Comptroller Committee. From Axiata Group, parent company of Axiata Group and representatives from other independent establishments. For more information about the fund, please visit Smart Axiata and Smart For Cambodia on social media in the coming days. .

Thomas Asita, chief executive officer of Smart Axiata, added that it is not only about connecting the network to the main center. Ministry of Health: Using the 5th Generation Radio Frequency License, which we have licensed, we also offer Additional data service Put customers any time of recharge through (e-top ups), Smart @Home and company clients.

At the same time, Smart Axiata has been taking necessary steps to ensure the well-being of All employees, as well, are all partners and partners through its business continuity management framework. Some of the activities that are being implemented include: temperature measurement, heating, preparation of hand sanitizing gel, sanitation procedures required Employees who work directly with clients must wear a protective mask to work from home over time for a planned company program Before and doing meetings Via digital (virtual).

He also added that telecommunications services are set to be as much of a service as electricity is needed. And clean water service for each nation. While we are following closely, we also understand the needs and needs of millions of clients People who are all confident and need constant connection. Therefore, we will make every effort to provide services to all customers with the support of the Royal Government of Cambodia, especially during the period. The time of crisis that we are all facing today.

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About Smart

Smart Axiata Co., Ltd. Is the leading mobile telecommunications operator in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The company is currently serving eight million customers under the "Smart" brand. Smart Axiata is a subsidiary of parent company Axiata Group Berhad, one of the largest telecommunications services providers in Asia.

Smart is one of the leading mobile telecommunications operators in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Smart is the first operator to launch the fourth 4G LTE service in 2014, 4G + technology in 2016 4G + technology with HD Voice (VoLTE) and 4.5G in 2017. In mid-2019, Smart is launching its first “5G” technology test program in Cambodia, demonstrating its relevance. Mobile data service leader. Smart also offers a wide range of mobile technologies, including 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 3.75G technology as well as roaming services. ) Available in more than 190 countries. Smart is providing coverage in more than 99% of the population in the whole of Cambodia.

The company is also actively transforming itself into a digital operator by providing innovative entertainment services and programs. A lot of creativity. This includes partnerships with international players such as Universal Music, Apple and Facebook, as well as digital services including SmartLuy, Smart Life Insurance Aging SmartPay Services, Pleng by Smart services, GigaGigs by Smart services and SmartNas services. Smart aims to become “the number one and most beloved telecommunications company” in Cambodia By 2022, through the High Social Responsibility Program and the Sustainable Development for Social and Economic Development.

Smart employs a total of more than 1,000 employees including local and foreign employees. Efforts to reach joint goals of connecting and making life better. By: CEN

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