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Health: You all know that there is hot weather today. As a result, some people use a heat pump to get a good night's sleep. But experts believe that sleeping in a fan may not always be a good idea and healthy. While turning the fan on can make the room air cooler and fresher, it's also dusty. The ground was spinning in the room. It's really bad if you have an allergy, asthma or allergies.

Check your fan to see if there is a lot of dust trapped on the fan's wings, as they will fly in and out. The environment every time you launch a subscription. Also, do not sleep on the fan because it can cause dry skin and respiratory problems in the nose. If the nasal passages become too dry, the body may produce more mucus, which may make you feel obstructive airway. .

In addition, people who sleep in front of a fan may wake up feeling stiff or tense. This is because the concentration of cold air can cause the muscles to tighten and twist. This happens most often, especially for those who sleep face and face a fan. If you wake up in the morning, it's probably because you turn the fan on. By: Collaborators