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Below we will show you a couple who have not been together for a long time. What?

1. Couples who have a temper tantrum with little things quarrel and do not use dialogue to solve the problem Can't live together for long.

When your spouse has a third party, your marriage cannot go too far because you lose your marriage Be honest in your treacherous path when things break down, and you won't be able to continue.

When the income of the two is not equal, and the wife is more than capable of the husband, they are also more likely to reach the crossroads because In your heart you will feel inferior to your wife. That's why long-term frustration is possible.

4- If you always make up your mind to break up or play with each other, someday this will be impossible Miss.

5. If you two are too strong without giving in, you will destroy the family very quickly. It is not possible to live together.

6. When you are not with your mother-in-law, and the husband is standing by his mother, you cannot be long with the family. May be very fragile. So you should not be such a couple so you can live together longer (Source: Health.com.kh ) ៕ (Edited by: Bopha)