Mondulkiri: Ministry of Environment and WWF Award Certificates of Environmental Peace to 6 Out of 100 Outstanding Rangers in Mondulkiri Province Motivated to work responsibly in the past.

Neth Pheaktra, Secretary of State and spokesman for the Ministry of Environment, said that the six top park rangers who received certificates of appreciation from the Ministry of Environment include: Three park rangers work at Sre Pok Wildlife Sanctuary and three others work actively at Phnom Prech Wildlife Sanctuary in the province. Mondulkiri.

Mr. Neth Pheaktra presented certificates of appreciation to the 6 outstanding park rangers directly at the Trapeang Thmey office in Sre Pok Wildlife Sanctuary on the 17th. January on the occasion of leading a group of journalists to visit and explore the potential of Sre Pok Wildlife Sanctuary.

According to Mr. Pheaktra, this certificate of appreciation is a testament to the dedicated dedication of physical and mental strength in the work of protecting natural resources in Cambodia. Encourage rangers to continue to work responsibly and continue to increase their professional capacity. He said that the Ministry of Environment considers park officials as forest guards and at the forefront to conserve natural resources.

"Although park rangers have a lot of experience in patrolling, cracking down on crime and protecting and conserving natural resources, rangers All need to continue to train more new techniques to increase capacity and gain more new lessons and experiences in order to increase efficiency in Its role as a forest guard.

In addition to receiving commendation certificates from the Ministry of Environment, all park rangers in Sre Pok Wildlife Sanctuary and Phnom Prech Wildlife Sanctuary also received commendation certificates from WWF, a collaborative partner of the Ministry of Environment.

Seng Teak, WWF Country Director for Cambodia, Says Praise to Parks Officers for Supporting and Encouraging Veterans High commitment and dedication contribute to the protection of natural resources and wildlife, a living national heritage for future generations.

"I would like to commend and appreciate the many achievements made by the law enforcement officers of the rangers of The two wildlife sanctuaries from 2013 to 2020, which cracked down on many cases of crime.

According to Mr. Seng Teak, from 2013-2020, the rangers collected 24,798 traps and 1,0925 meters of electric traps, 1,752 chainsaws, 26,486 cubic meters of wood and Illegal encroachment on 23,898 hectares of forest land, issued 1,597 warning letters and arrested 123 perpetrators and sent them to court.

Mr. Oeun Samreth, Conservation Officer at Sre Pok Wildlife Sanctuary, who received the Certificate of Environmental Peace, expressed his pleasure at receiving this certificate. He confirmed that this is the first time in more than 7 years.

"The sanctuary, which I occupied for seven years, was less dangerous," he said. But this acquisition, I think, because in the past, I have never refused or given up on conservation work, natural resources and biodiversity. "

Mr. Samreth said that the implementation of the protection of natural resources in the past was effective and timely due to the cooperation of the team with the strength from Each channel will cooperate with the protected area community as well.