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Phnom Penh: Preah Sihanouk Provincial Leaders Claim to Preserve and Set Up Natural Properties That Might Be for National Tourism And more to visit. The leadership's certification after Sihanouk for some time had to be bad because the Chinese had made it Anarchy as well as expensive accommodation.

Environment Minister Say Sam Al, Head of the National Rescue Team for Preah Sihanouk Province, wrote on social media February 12 thus: "The construction of the city's roads and the municipal infrastructure in Sihanoukville have been carried out, keeping the potential." Natural and environmentally friendly Support Landscape Planning in particular is linked to potential coastal communicate through the construction of roads and bridges.

As a result, Ochheuteal Beach, Otres Beach, Red Hat Beach, Madam Mao, Ream and coastal areas will be part of the scheme. Of the city, the potential to create a tourist area, a public area, becomes a tourist attraction through the interconnected streets, boulevards and bridges. .

Say Sam Al's remarks after the provincial governor Kuch Chamroeun on February 11 confirmed that people Citizens who visit Kampong Som Beach can freely roam or camp on the beach. Edited by: Sokhuk