The Sihanoukville Autonomous Region says the project is an investment The incentive program, which is underway in Sihanoukville, has 194 projects with a total investment of $ 30,091,061,924. According to the governor of Preah Sihanouk province Kuch Chamroeun, at a press conference on the progress and career direction of the Preah Sihanouk provincial administration on the 9th This June.

He said Sihanoukville has important economic sectors, including industry, trade, tourism and agriculture, which are priorities for national economic development. The Royal Government. Potentials include: deep sea port, 10 SEZs (four in operation and six in operation), Sihanoukville International Airport and the coast Beautifully hailed as the "Southwest Star".

He added that the Phnom Penh-Preah Sihanouk Expressway project with a total length of 190 km has achieved 20.65% efficiency and tackled the impact. 88.84% as of April 2020.

It should be noted that this project was completed on March 22, 2020, with 48 months in construction. The construction is expected to be completed before the end of 2022, with an investment budget of $ 2 billion.

According to Chamroeun, according to the report, there are 12 companies investing in real estate / total investment of US $ 1,066,500. SEZ has 10 developers covering 2,586.26 hectares of total investment capital of US $ 1,481,358,802.
There are 5 economic land concessions projects with 11,728 hectares of land development and total investment of US $ 112,548,924.

Three Long-Term Leasing Investment Projects with 7,051.97 hectare land developers with a total investment of $ 7,693,034,440. There are 20 developer projects on the 11,637 hectares of land and total investment of US $ 3,900,570,251. There are 60 companies in the tourism and hotel / investment projects totaling $ 10,745,601,849.

There are 11 agribusiness investment projects / total investment of US $ 213,953,540. Six manufacturing projects / Total investment of US $ 59,063,674. 9 Food & Beverage Investment Projects / Total Investment $ 334,729,740.

Investment in Wood Furniture Industry: 6 Companies / Investment Projects $ 102,965,880. Construction consists of three companies with a total investment of $ 147,922,050. Two telecommunications investment projects / total investment of US $ 987,019.
There are two mining companies with a total investment of US $ 7,079,905. There are 47 companies and enterprises with a total capital investment of US $ 4,200,685,832.
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