Sihanouk: The Sihanoukville government will take hot action against nearly 100 anarchists and stalls from June 17, after these sellers. Construction of stalls and shopping carts affect environment, street order and public place in the seaside town Although these vendors protested yesterday.

Lim Pheap, a Sihanoukville city administration official in charge of public administration, told the Post yesterday that he and City Hall officials had been conducting public education. To nearly all 100 stalls and carts, there is no need to move any kind of mobile merchandise on the sidewalk and on the road.
He said: "According to the regulations of the Provincial Government and the Sihanoukville Municipality must take hot action from 17 June 2020 onwards. No more such anarchist trade. In case of non-compliance, the carts will be temporarily stored and stored in the City Hall.

Mr Pheap said that such an anonymity on street food and public places had a lot of impact on the public and tourists. These merchants also dispose of garbage and sanitary conditions at the sites.

He added that after the Sihanoukville authorities had released the information to the above vendors, this morning, about 40 vendors were present People have been protesting at the Sihanoukville Municipality over the scandal, but the city administration has not given up on the move.

Kheang Phearum, spokesman for the Preah Sihanouk Provincial Administration, said: “The Sihanoukville government measures measures for maintaining sanitation in the city. The municipal administration has been doing this regularly, not just on the street vendors.

Chou Sotheary, an Adhoc human rights group coordinator in Preah Sihanouk province, said the protest in front of the vendors' halls did not Get any explanation from the city administration.

"I think the authorities should consider finding a suitable place for them to continue their business," she said. Because they are poor people who make a living based on this kind of business. ”

She said that because of the spread of the disease, the 19 deaths caused many people to lose their jobs and jobs. Other provinces come to Sihanoukville to do business in such public places.

She said that these people do not have the ability to rent a place or shop in Sihanoukville, they can Mobile only. Therefore, the provincial and district governments should take measures to facilitate their livelihood.