Sihanouk Sihanoukville authorities float sea-level airbags along the coast to limit safety for foreign and domestic tourists Take a swim and take a swim in or out of the water.

Kheang Phearum, a spokesman for the Preah Sihanouk provincial government, told the Post on Monday to ensure the safety of foreign and domestic tourists. And Sihanoukville Provincial authorities set up airbags along the coast from Ochheuteal point 1 to the rank Otres Beach.

“At this time, the technical team is in the process of securing the airbags to determine the line or safety border for the swimmers and The motorbike driver along the Ochheuteal 1 beach has been in operation for more than a week.

Besides the airbags along the upper coast, the Preah Sihanouk provincial government has also been preparing some infrastructure in the area, Phearum said. Along the coast, such as pedestrian walkways, parking, bathrooms, after-baths, toilets, and electric poles Illuminate Road along the coast.

In the process of setting up a safety line for the sea along the coast, Mr. Tang Sopheak Krishna, Director of Preah Sihanouk Provincial Tourism Department Some 200 airbags as well as flags, the state agency responsible for coastal development told the Post yesterday S. A number of other motorcycling safety limits will be deployed along the Ochheuteal I beach on the evening of the 10th. February 2020, at a cost of $ 43,000.

“According to the plan, we will have to put in the airbags and flags, limit the safety for swimmers and Water motors along the Ochheuteal 1 and Ochheuteal 2 or (Ariston) ready before the holiday. New Year (2020). "

"We also want to be ready in the Otres Bay area by the end of 2020, if there is any," he added. "The financial support from partner development organizations or the private sector, because our coastal development budget is limited."

He also said that airbags for setting the rules for recreational swimmers are to be deployed within a certain distance. 50 meters from the beach to the sea as the tide and red flags signal the safety of motorists Entertainment is deployed within the distance 150 meters from the shoreline into the sea at high tide.

He added that in order to facilitate national and international tourists visiting Preah Sihanouk province, the coastal development committee set up a food stalls parking lot There is a standard of safety and a clear and reasonably priced menu item. In addition, the Commission also has 15 coastguards waiting to assist in the rescue of swimmers with drowning issues.