Phnom Penh: Mrs. Pon Dany, Governor of the Central Market Currently 90% of those who shop at the Central Market, they spend the riel, while 10% of the foreigner spends dollars, and Share via bank card.
According to the president of Central Market, this is the case with many supermarket traders who want to get the riel rather than dollars from buyers. Traders understand that the riel is easy to use and has no extensions, and the riel is used to promote Khmer money.

Vendor Srey Neang said that buying goods in US dollars also takes the riel, which is easier to use than the dollar because there is no Tails mess up how much you buy. "The dollar has a downward trajectory. We have multiplied the odds. The dollar has weakened."

Central Market traders have noticed that Khmer tourists now tend to spend more on riel than before, except for foreigners. Dollar if most of us spend Khmer money, it's easier because selling coconut for 4,000 riel, or 5,000 riel, is easier. Going back 1,000 riel, but giving the dollar 1 dollar is 25 US cents and it is difficult to recover 25 cents. Therefore, the dealer suggested to use the riel more than the dollar, because it was easier.

It should be highlighted that in order to promote the use of the riel in Cambodia and to reduce foreign exchange, most traders in Central Market have asked Buyers, whether Khmer or foreign tourists, when buying goods or food products, please use in Khmer Riel because it is not difficult to buy.