Recently, the Facebook account of Brigadier General Chamroeun Kosal posted a video showing a traffic policeman bouncing around. Grabbing an uncle's motorcycle, both wearing a hat and motorcycle with the correct license plate, but maybe he forgot to turn off the motorcycle during the day? And at that moment, he quickly pulled the money out of his pocket and handed it to the officer.

However, in the case of the account owner, the above account was shared with the people as to the level of the person “Knowledge!

He is not a traffic cop, although his uniform is similar, he is merely a contracted officer of the Capital Hall. Of note, there was no shirt on his shoulder and no sign of police on his uniform. What if he is not a traffic police officer and then comes out to stop people who break traffic rules and sometimes take money from people. Such? It was a serious mistake for this person to abuse his role and responsibility. What about his duties on public roads? It is important to work with traffic police on each of these goals to help ease traffic congestion and temporarily block traffic when available. Rescue delegation, fire and rescue vehicles and ambulance.

Therefore, let the people be aware and join the law together. Please, you do not have the moral sense to be constructive and responsible as this is only knowledge sharing. Thank you. ” By: Hong Hong