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Phnom Penh: A woman expresses disappointment after police arrested about half a kilogram of addictive substance Cheated by a man, all of them paid for it by handcuffs because he had given them drugs to help Sold and he escaped. National Police Anti-Narcotics Task Force launched a crackdown on drug trafficking cases. One illegal at 10:30 pm on March 19, 2020 in front of Deum Kor Market along Boulevard Mao Seng Tong is in the Lake Salang district Changes in land.

The crackdown was led by Brigadier General Srey Sovanna, deputy director of the Anti-Corruption Unit, with the assistance of Kuch Kimlong. Deputy prosecutor accompanied the Phnom Penh Municipal Court. Prosecution has arrested a suspect, Khin Srey Neang, 25, occupying false occupancy and confiscation Net weight of methamphetamine (ICE), net weight of 598.81 grams (half kilogram).

According to the police officer involved in the operation, our operation was a bit late so we were arrested. Got a big deal for the woman. The suspect appeared to be alert when delivering drugs to his party and fled while the force was on track, he said. Not yet. However, Kok always forgets the stack, and the stack is always waiting (ie, the perpetrator can't This is not the case), said Lt. Gen. Leak Vannak, director of the Anti-Narcotics Department, who warned former officials. Try to suppress the crime in the form of a thunderstorm.

The suspect and the accused have been summoned to formally submit the case to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court.