On May 31, on the eve of International Children's Day, Shanghai Bao Yi (Cambodia) Co., Ltd visited the children of staff working in Cambodia.

Under the influence of the new pneumonia virus, Covid19, Chinese and Khmer management staff are implementing the management requirements of the company and everyone eating and living together to ensure that no case is present.

On that day, the weather was hot and the staff house was located in the far part of Phnom Penh. Chief Marketing Officer Xu Yao and Union President Wei Hong, as representatives of the visiting family, arrived at the home of a 6-month-old Cambodian manager Ouk Chamroeun. Fresh smile, no shame.

Ouk Chamroeun's wife expressed some thanks in common Chinese, though Ouk Chamroeun has been living with other Chinese staff on the project for more than two months, and she expressed her understanding and hope. The epidemic will soon end and everyone's work and life will return to normal.

Company representatives arrive at the home of a family of Chinese employees in Phnom Penh, greeting the wife and children of the staff, even though the father works and lives at the forefront of the project, but the children are under pressure. Caring for moms Although their lives are a little simpler, they are still happy. Especially the 3-year-old girls, who showed us pictures one by one, changed the shyness the first time we saw it and showed a proud smile on their face.

Company representatives have sent greetings to children, sent carefully selected gifts, addressed their lives and some difficulties in need of the company, and wish them good progress. Happy ៕