Takeo: Seeing the impact that workers have hadSome of the people in this fight against HIV / AIDS have been involved in the social work with the government. Humanitarian Giving Donation to Workers Who Have A Serious Impact During the Global Campaign to Combat HIV / AIDS in Cambodia On the morning of June 9, 2020, representatives of Chip Mong Company along with Daun Keo city authorities cooperated in the gathering of 70 workers. Families who are living in poverty to give their gifts to the poor for their contribution Some workers, too.

During the donation ceremony, Kang Anand, Mayor of Daun Keo, said that this was a contribution to the government between private organizations or companies. Local to fight together with the cow disease 19. The Mayor continued that recently, our country has treated 19 patients with cured cholera, but the disease has not yet been resolved. This is still a threat in many countries around the world, not just Cambodia, and more recently, the King of Cambodia. The Prime Minister Hun Sen reminded all citizens in the country not to neglect the disease 19 because It could have re-exploded if we were not careful about protection in line with the Ministry of Health's guidelines.Takeo