On April 7, seven Chinese medical experts were the first to helpChina's Return to Cambodia Returned to China after the completion of the mission in Cambodia. According to a press release from the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia.

HE Wang Wentian, Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia, Prof. Eng Huot, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health, and other officials were present. .

The Chinese Ambassador said that in the process of assisting Cambodia in its fight against the COVID-19 virus, the two countries helped and took Ash, each other. The Chinese medical team tasked with helping Cambodia fight the virus has done a wonderful job under the auspices of the government. The traditional friendship between China and Cambodia, they carelessly assigned their mission, they not only actively participate in The fight against the virus in Cambodia has also built a strong foundation of long-term cooperation between the two doctors In-depth. China and Cambodia are unbreakable destiny communities as long as the virus is not completely eliminated in Cambodia No medicine in Cambodia.

His Excellency the Secretary of State, expressed his deep gratitude to the great dedication of the Chinese medical professionals who have worked so hard for him. He says the Chinese side has dispatched a team of experts to Cambodia in a timely manner, sharing valuable combat experiences. Anti-virus in Cambodia improves virus immunity, advises treatment for people living with virus Actively contributes to disease prevention. Cambodia would also like to thank the Chinese friends who have stood with us all while still struggling. By: Kolab