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Stung Treng Province: Just the beginning of the rainy season, a large rainstorm with thunderstorms causes wildlife and wealth Some people were also lost. Natural disasters
This happened at 1:25 pm on May 29, with a thunderstorm and a lightning bolt of TV breaking into a house Her name was Phorn in the village of Sam Kuy commune, Sam Khuy commune, but there was no danger to people.

Separately, in Ban Mai village, Khon Phon commune, Sisel district police chief said that there were natural disasters. Lightning kills 4 cows at a graveyard near the dam site Anyone. Dukesan district governor Sovann Pheap confirmed that district authorities had informed all communes to disseminate information to the villagers. People are alert to natural disasters during the rainy season, early rain, which can cause thunderstorms.

He added that the district administration had warned citizens to use all electronic, mobile, TV, radio, magnetic and electronic devices. The four cows that were killed by lightning were collected on a motorcycle. The scissors are brought home and resold to dealers as well.