A young woman has made use of social mediaExpressed her deep sympathy and prayed that she would not be harmed when she was found by a snake. Shoulder causes severe blisters and blemishes. The shocking incident is known to have happened when the victim was trading under a tree on the beach near Crab Market this morning. July 3, 2020.

He also posted on his Facebook account Thida Mean posted: "The snake bites him. This morning, he was sent to Phnom Penh and saved his life. Can you save him from this snake? ? His aunt 0884363732 is on our way to Phnom Penh, now we raise a little money to help sister thank you all very much ».

According to relatives of the victim, after the incident, she was taken by family to emergency treatment. Monk's hospital, but the hospital was reluctant to send him back to the army. The relative also confirmed that she had been removed by paramedics for dialysis. So far, she has recovered a little, but the symptoms of the devastating injury are still unknown.

Also, we would like to call on our sister sponsors to be contacted by aunt. 0884363732's sister ៕ By: Hong Hong