Siem Reap: Slor Kram Administrative Police Station of Siem Reap City Police Inspectorate Detained husband suspected of beating wife The suspect and the victim's wife parted ways and stopped living together for 3 months because the suspect often used violence. On the day of the incident, the suspect came Called home in Sotnikum district, but the victim refused to go and quarreled, the suspect hit the victim on the head with a stick, causing Bleeding head.

Suspect's name is Bren Pran, male, 27 years old, Khmer, Occupation: Electrician, Residence: Group 2, Chob village, Khnar Por commune, Sot Nikum district, Sea province. He was arrested by the Slor Kram Administrative Police in a case of aggravated violence.

On July 24, 2020 at 20:30 in the room for the bakery workers to stay in Thlok Andong village, Sangkat Slor Kram, the victim Chheang Mom Female, 26 years old, Occupation: Baker, stay at the bakery, be the wife of the suspect but did not have a marriage certificate and parted ways, stopped living with Together for 3 months because the suspects often use violence. On the day of the incident, the suspect called back to his home in Sot Nikum district, but the victim refused to go and quarreled. The beating on the victim's head caused the head to bleed and hit the hand, then grabbed the hair, slapped and punched several times in the face, then had karma The same worker named Tim Thi, female, 27 years old, came to help the victim, the suspect hit him on the head with a stick, then the workers came to help stop him To report to the authorities, we sent the two victims to the provincial hospital and brought the suspect to the police station for questioning, and the suspect's name was Bren. Pran admitted that he had hit his wife on the head with a board, causing serious injuries and hitting her on the head. Tim Thi, a female, caused injuries.

In this case, Colonel Nop Sarak, Siem Reap City Police Inspector, ordered the arrest to build a case according to the procedure to send to the provincial court to be punished according to law.
By: Kolap