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North Korea: National Security Advisor to South Korea's President MOON JAE IN Live and have
Good health. The advisor has allayed rumors about the health of the North Korean leader.

The adviser said on April 26 to CNN that he stands
Our government is firm, Kim Jong-un is alive and healthy. The leader of the town
Pyongyang has been staying in Won-san since April 13. Oral entertainment city
It was in the eastern part of the country. No suspicious activity has been noticed so far.

Rumors of Kim Jong Un's health have been increasing since he was absent on the occasion of the day's ceremony. His grandfather's birth was Kim Il Sung on April 15. Indeed, that day is one of the most important days in North Korea because it always celebrates the birth of the founders of the Communist regime. North Korea every year.

A website run by a North Korean defector based in Seoul is the first to release Kim Jong Un undergoes cardiac surgery and says he is receiving emergency treatment in a villa in the northern province of PYON GAN. Kim Jong-un undergoes heart surgery and emergency treatment
Smoking problems are overweight and fatigued.

South Korean officials have called for vigilance in the face of reports that the North's leader is seriously ill Stating that they did not find any unusual movement in North Korea. On the occasion of the closed forum on April 26, South Korean Unification Minister KIM YEON CHUL said the government was capable of intelligence. To say with confidence that nothing is wrong.

South Korean media reported last week that Kim Jong Un may have had heart surgery and had a stroke. To avoid infection with the COVID-19 virus Extract from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)