Phnom Penh: Senior Minister Sun Chanthol, Minister of Public Works and Transport, told owners of all types of garages to stop processing non-technical vehicles Urgently to reduce the rate of traffic accidents in Cambodia to a low level.

Senior Minister Sun Chanthol said this at the handover ceremony for traffic control on the morning of July 29 at Office of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

The Minister of Public Works and Transport has called on all car processing plants to stop processing the wrong technology because it has High risk for road safety.

Currently, some roads are damaged due to overcrowding. Therefore, all freight forwarders, please do not modify the car and overload, which will damage the road and will be easy. Will cause traffic accidents to other passengers.

The Minister of Public Works and Transport stated that this traffic issue requires the participation of all, including the private sector, the people, so that our Cambodian society can To reduce the rate of traffic accidents.

Please note that most traffic accidents in Cambodia are caused by drunk drivers speeding and disobeying the road traffic law. In particular, old vehicle components are not properly inspected and recycled and overloaded. Weight and so on.