Banteay Meanchey: Police Anti-Narcotics Office Banteay Meanchey Provincial Police on May 1, 2020 dispatched 6 suspects, one female and one drug trafficker Which was directed to Banteay Meanchey Provincial Court.

At 10:30 am on April 29, the Acting Head of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Bureau said. By 2020, he has led forces to patrol along National Road 6 in front of Huay Leng City in Kampong Svay Village, Sangkat Kampong Svay. Serey Sophorn, Banteay Meanchey province Spotted targeting drug trafficking and use 1 Huy Yuan Yuan Chai called the 24-year-old male living in the Village.

Police arrested 5 white plastic bag weighs 2.33 grams (weighing 2.33 grams) 1 unit.

Huy Chhay Yuan's Answer to Yuan Leads to Police Skills On the Same Day and May 1st Continued Arrest Five more drug suspects were arrested in Room 3, in front of Huay Leng city and elsewhere in Provincials who called in the gang to buy drugs.

The five people are identified as 1-Khooy, 31, a 31-year-old male in Kok Lun village, Chup Vary commune, Preah Net Preah district Banteay Meanchey. Thatch is a 29 year old male from Khvav village, Bopov commune, Preah Netr Preah district. Kien Vira, a male 25 year old worker in a village in Kok Lun village, Chup Vary commune, Preah Netr Preah district. 4. Euty, known as a 35-year-old male, has been living in the village of Baray, Ta Phu commune, Svay Chek district, Banteay Meanchey province. 5- Sometimes Srey Pov, 29 year old female occupancy occupancy No. 3 in Kampong Svay Village, Sangkat Kampong Svay, Serey Sophorn City.

Arrested by five drug suspects in confiscation of motorbike, 3 mobile phones, 125,000 Khmer money THB 760 Thai Baht One yellow metal bracelet ) One pair of metal earrings, one Cambodian ID, one labor card To work in Thailand, 1 passport, one bank card, one bank card, one Cambodian travel permit One book of pseudonyms.

Provincial Anti-Narcotics Police Officer continued: According to the order of Lieutenant General Ath Khem, Provincial Police Chief and with the coordination of His Majesty The authorities of the provincial court are present and the six suspects and their evidence have been sent to court for further action. By: Fortress