Phnom Penh: Serious Criminal Office Strength of Criminal Police Department The Ministry of Interior has launched a crackdown on kidnapping and threatening to arrest three Vietnamese and rescue a Vietnamese victim.

After the interrogation on January 25, 2020, the Criminal Police Department dispatched three suspects to Phnom Penh Municipal Court for a verdict. This afternoon, January 25, 2020.

Colonel Chea Vibol, deputy director of the Criminal Police Department, told the ministry on January 25, 2020 that the operation was under the command of Brigadier General Neth Savoeun. National Police Commissar General Lt Gen In Bora, Deputy Inspector General, and presentations by Lt. Gen. Nong Chhu, Director of the Royal Thai Police Department .

Arrested suspects: 1-year-old Le Minh Luan, 39-year-old Nguyen Minh Thien, 39, and 3-year-old Trung Thenh Toan Address in Vietnam. The victim, 57-year-old Phom Quang Dung, also had a residence in Vietnam.

Colonel Chea Vibol confirmed that on January 23, 2020, the victim's family reported cases of 300 million VND in detention. 57-year-old Phom Quang Dung has been released.

Regarding the above case, Lieutenant Colonel Chea Vibol said that after receiving the complaint and order from management Penitentiary to cooperate with Phnom Penh Municipal Police Commissioner for investigation into such cases Upon this.

With the coordination of the prosecutor's office, the Phnom Penh Municipal Court and District 7 police arrived at noon. On January 24, the special forces of the Criminal Department identified the suspect as the victim's takeaway Leave to extort money until the arrest and arrest of the perpetrators Three Nuns Release a Victim in the Heng Heng Long Building, Room 406, 4th Floor, Village 4 111, Sangkat Boeung Prolit, Khan 7, to Phnom Penh. According to the victim, Phom Quang Dung, on January 18, he came to the game. Simeon was in Casio in Bavit when he lost to all three suspects The above lobby will bring in the Lucky Draw at NagaWorld Casino in Phnom Penh. Because they give money Borrow. Upon arriving in Phnom Penh, she was offered a $ 10,000 loan to gamble. All of them.

When he lost $ 6,500 he stopped and he and the suspect They went to an unknown guest house. Upon arriving at the guesthouse, she suddenly attacked him, complained, and starved and called. His family in Vietnam is demanding $ 12,000 for his release Otherwise they would cut off their hands and feet and kill them.

In the face of the crime, three of the victims admitted that they had initially been the victim. From Vietnam to gamble at NagaWorld Casino, some Bavet lost You and some of the rest of us have a little fun playing in Phnom Penh. The tree was reddened b Divorce. When visiting Phom Quang Dung, the victim had no money to play them Borrowed all three of them, totaling more than $ 10,000 at the time of loss No refunds. Then they went to stay at Heng Heng Long's house and were forced to do so Victims called the family to call for $ 12,000 in damages America (300 million VND).

But the money did not reach them, they were arrested by the military forces .

According to Lt. Col. Vibol, after hearing the suspect's answer and victim's comment, the expert concluded that this was true. Cases of Illegal Detention and Threats of Money ៕ By: Wisdom