Center: Case of three-star military officer Leng Bunri (alias Hun Buntri)Two Charged in Fraud Dumped by Police of Ang Snoul District Inspector Of the Kandal Provincial Police Commissioner to take legal action.

According to the Chief of Criminal Division of the Ang Snuol district police inspector, this morning, the police were informed that Constructed the case of 3-star Leng Bun Sris (known as Hun Bun Sris) and sent to court under the presumption of breach of confidence. .

He added that the police had decided to bring the case to court in late February 2020 after police summoned Mr. 3 Stars. Leng Bun Sri (also known as Hun Bun Srey) came to respond to the victim's complaint, but he declined to be named. Kimsen contacted law enforcement and claimed it (Le Bun Sri Bun Sry) did not know anything.

According to authorities, there are two victims who have filed a complaint against 3-star Leng Bun Srei. Hun Bunri) for breach of trust.

First Victim Male name of 28 year old male resident of Rong village, Yong Samaki commune, Odong district, Kampong Speu province in early 2019 cheated on 3-star Leng Bun $ 3,500 ($ 3,500) in case of running for military service but failed.

The second victim. La Sok Sok, a female resident of Trapeang Chheang village, Peuk commune, Angsnu district, in the middle of 2019, was cheated by 3-star Leng Bun. Srey Buns (known as Hun Bun Srin) was $ 2,000 in the case of a court settlement, but failed to deliver on the promise.

The victim, Mab Vannak, told reporters that he had known the three-star Bunleng Sary by the name of Nun Ros In Ang Snoul district. Noun led his victim to meet 3-star Hun Bun Srey to help run the military at a mutually agreed price. Each $ 3,500.

Believing Nun and 3-star Hun Bunri, who claim to be the nation's top relatives and many factions want to work in Whichever institution agrees, the victim agrees to hand over $ 3,500 to Mr. 3 Bun Bun Sri (Leng Bun Sri) Arriving at home in Ang Snuol II village, Peuk commune, Angsnuol district, Kandal province .

In response to the case, Lt. Gen. Lun Bunri denied all allegations and claimed he did not know the two individuals. He was accused and asked for specific evidence.

According to Ang Samnang district police inspector Samnang Samnang, after receiving a complaint, the summoning of the three stars came to light. Late in February, the person did not follow the summons but appeared to be Chea Kim Sen in relation to law enforcement, claiming Mr Leng Bun Srei is also known as Hun Srun Bun Ba You know nothing.

He added that because he had refused to come to the summon, he was able to bring his 3-star Bunleng case to the office. Mild criminalization of the Kandal Provincial Police Commissariat for alleged breach of confidence. By: Kolab