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Phnom Penh: Sen Sok District Authorities Coordinated and Solved After 70 Families in Chhmar Village, Kokkang Commune, Sen Sok District Couple sues singer Preap Sovath for violating public land, piles of wood and roadblocks and parking The streets cause loss of order Place and cause noise. After the incident, the public was surprised that Preap Sovath was only a singer. Anything that violates public land.

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There was a fire, however. Neighborhood conflict mediation must take place
On the morning of March 6, in the plot, Preap Sovath was led by Sen Sok district chief Chhay Veasna with his permission. Mohan Manit, governor of Sen Sok district. That morning, the presence of Preap Sovath, as well as his family and the villagers who live in the village along the fence. In addition, a number of journalists have been following the case.

In front of the authorities, the people requested 3 points:
1- Ask for Mr. Preap Sovath to remove all materials from the public road behind his plots. Have Mr. Preap Sovath correct on parking on public roads, difficulty getting in and out of the car. Preap Sovath cut down every tree that fell on their house.

The point that Preap Sovath violated public land was not included in the compromise, with residents insisting that Have the land surveyor go down to measure Prek Sovat 174, as well as the road because the back of the land The previous road was 10 meters wide and is now 7 meters .

In the three points of coordination above, Preap Sovath agreed to apply the request. However, it is not known whether Preap Sovath did so, but at the same time, Preap Sovath accused the people. Instead of defaming him and demanding an apology, the people refused because they had done nothing wrong No.

It should be highlighted that 70 people living in Chhmar village, Kok Khnang commune, Sen Sok district, around Preap Sovath's house also took photos. Hand to sue Preap Sovath, accusing Pheap Sovath of violating public land, and thumbprinting a case Land Registry No. 174, which is the parcel of Preah Vihear Laot Sovath was in Chhmar village, Kokkrang commune, Sen Sok district as the registration had broken into the road. According to the people, Preap Sovath's land was previously a common land of the people sold.

About four years ago, Preap Sovath came to buy land and build a house on it. They alleged that since then, Preap Sovath had taken some of the back roads as his own. Putting a pile of bricks on the way, they were not allowed to travel.

With the abuse, they also filed a complaint to the district authority and filed a complaint to Preap Sovat No. 174 to City Hall. Phnom Penh and the Department of Land Management Urban Planning to Measure Quietly Just in the afternoon of March 4 And there are reporters coming for the news and live The authorities came down to mediate at that time. Residents also asked the officials to come down to measure No. 174 and the road around Preap Sovath's house because of the past and present roads. Narrow down.

Regarding the issue, the singer Preap Sovath told the media on March 6, 2020, that he agreed and tried to resolve it. Wanted by the people who live near his house. He said that accusing him of building a log cabin off the road was not something he always remembered See?

Before doing so, he asked the local authority properly, as his current plant is only temporary. The street he bought was because it was a walkable lake. But after he bought it, he filled a lot of dirt on the road now. However, he agreed to open the road as desired by the people to traffic for the benefit of the public.

In addition, the car alarm was claimed by Mr. Preap Sovath as usually an artist performing in other provinces. The performance is to go out at dawn, while the back may be late at night or as close as dusk. "This is inevitable to hear some cars, but you accept the criticism," he said. And he will try to coordinate this impact for his neighbors.

However, he also asked the people when something happened, to deal directly with him, because he did not know Of all the incidents, he never intended to offend his neighbors.