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Phnom Penh: After winning two international tournaments in a row in early 2020, Radade decided to suspend the ring for a while. In addition, there is an international match waiting to be resumed.

Koh Kong-born boxer had just re-entered the Khmer martial arts scene before the Kov-19 epidemic. Spread across the globe. At the Penny Kun Khun boxing club, his coach told his coach, Seng Elit, that he did not want to fight With the same Khmer. It wants to compete internationally. Competing with the same Khmer will not matter, but if you lose, you will have a lot to say. . He was willing to win the international match.

Sen Ramad, the brother of Sharks and Sandra Rudd, has been recognized across Cambodia and Thailand for the praise. His ingenious and energetic match. Aside from boxing, Khmer Sen Rade is one of the top Cambodian players in Vovinam such as Senora. D ៕ (Edited by: Bopha)