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Tbong Khmum: Residents of Sen Chey village, Rom Chek commune, Memot district, complained about power outages by private companies, inconvenienced and caused Damaged appliances, including: motors, fans, and other peripherals, sometimes up to 10 nights a night The times are also like a flashlight, a fire broken, and a device being used.

According to a person named Lias Isaac, a 33-year-old man from the upper village, the electricity was connected. For more than 300 families in Sen Chey village, there were no problems at first. Each has praised the authorities concerned for giving people living in remote areas with access to electricity By this time, I was desperate to get out.

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The villager also said that since the use of this private electricity to date, it has been about 4 years Only in the last year in 2020 did the fire start to deteriorate, making it impossible for appliances to include: motor fans Water pump … In each house, three or four damaged fans through the clock stopped the state to 220. The voltage.

Seeing this, the villagers asked the local authorities for help, but so far There is no solution yet – for electricity to be restored to its original capacity without interruption. As for electricity, the cost per kilo was more than 1,000 riel, but so far one kilo is 700 riel. Torment electricity has been around for 4 to 5 months. They had a power outage that was interrupted and the evening lights were up and they turned on the switch. Reuse.

The request of the people in the village is to make sure that the electricity company and the relevant authorities facilitate all the electricity Simply put, everyone is happy.

A Kyrgyz power company representative said on the morning of June 26, 2020 that the company had installed 50 power-fosoms for the device. The residents of Sen Chey village, Rom Chek commune, Memot district, did not have any problems at first. But because of individual household needs, the use of more than just the power of the electricity is the cause of the fire Weak in any of the upper areas at the end.

A representative of the Electricitekiri Company said that with the request of the customers, his company also asked to Electricity Cambodia and officials have visited three times, yet there is no response time to bring new equipment Equipped. It has also been submitted several times. To prevent people from complaining about electricity, the company plans to put a new power cord (100Th) that will not be a problem Already accused.