Of course, we've all heard that many farmers or ranchers raise pigs for meat through various breeding techniques. Pigs grow for a short time. But this time we were shocked to learn that a farmer had shared how to buy a thin cow. But in three months, following this approach, the cow will soon be able to recover its meat and profit.

In fact, Leng Kim Hour, owner of a commercial cattle farm in Kampong Thom, had previously said that most cows were only available in the traditional way. For example, just using traditional hemp and grass is not so interesting because the natural cow calf is less attractive because it is so popular. It will take a long time for you One cow sells at a time.

But he points out that if the cows follow his approach, they are more likely to be proud of what you feed. Cows in a properly sealed shed, with grass planted with stalks and water and disinfectant Technically, that was almost three years in a row He was able to turn two cows into a dairy farm with nearly 100 cows.

The successful breeder also revealed that he could sell more than 100 cows each year because of his Use this new method of procuring fresh cows from the villagers for three months before being sold Let them make a profit. By: Hong Hong