Health Minister Mam Bun Heng confirmed that a 38-year-old man in Siem Reap province was infected with the HIV virus 19 after a direct contact with a Japanese man. The Kovir virus 19.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Hun Sen has temporarily announced the closure of schools in Siem Reap province and canceled the annual Angkor Sankranti event. This.

Mam Bunheng's confirmation came at a news conference earlier, saying: “It is about 12:50 pm. On March 07, 2020, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received results from the Institut Pasteur in Cambodia that a 38-year-old man had been in direct contact with a national man. Japan is 40 and has a virus Costa, 19 were positive for the COR 19.

“Three men, two women and one man had negative results on the 19th day of testing and Siem Reap referral team is continuing. "Pay close attention to the health of these three people over the next 14 days."

After confirming that the man was infected with HIV, Prime Minister Hun Sen through Mam Bunheng announced the closure of the school. Siem Reap will cancel its Angkor Sankranti event next month.

A few days ago, a 40-year-old Japanese man was found to have the HIV virus on his arrival in Japan. The man was confirmed to have been treated at a private hospital in Siem Reap after suffering from a suspected 19 polio.

Apart from people having direct contact with Japanese men, 40 other people with indirect contact were under Health monitoring from the Ministry of Health.