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Phnom Penh: All students should be ready to return to school after they were given a break several months ago by Ivory -19. If nothing changes, the school will be taking careful steps to avoid getting infected with C-19. The first phase will begin in August for 15 international schools. The school reopening will be implemented in three stages:

The first phase has the highest safety standards, followed by the middle grade safe school and the third phase the school Normal safety standards. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Ros Sovath, said that the Ministry of Education is now discussing details with relevant institutions. To look at social and economic well-being in order to open the school in three stages. He said the ministry would inform the public of the school's opening date in the first phase in the future.

The opening of the school is a series of stages depending on the outcome of the first phase. The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport agreed to open schools this morning, said Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health Yok Sambath. Gradually, in August 2020. She also said that, with officials at the Ministry of Education, the opening of the school would be a step. The first step will be to test 15 high-quality international schools, including Japanese, English, American and French. The first one had about 20,000 students. By: Collaborators