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If you have an emergency that requires a lot of money, do you have enough savings for it? Savings may not be fully human, but they are essential, especially when you are in a situation Unplanned.

So if you plan to save money this year, what can you do to save more efficiently and easily?

1- Clear goals:
You have a great opportunity to change your spending habits if you save money for a specific goal. For example, for a two-week vacation or for a mortgage.
If your goal is something that doesn't cost you as much as a computer or phone, then you should pursue new goals Once you've done that.

2. Track unnecessary expenses:
No matter how much money you make, you need to know exactly what your money is spending before you Know how to save it. To find out, you should keep an eye on all the important things, such as rent or daily food and what Not as important as coffee or movie tickets.

Then see which of these is less important than what you can give up and leave money for Save?

Do not spend money found or received as a gift:
Whether it's an annuity, a birthday gift, or a 13th salary, one easy way to save yourself a lot of money is to not You yourself do not spend these money. Just because it's not part of your monthly income, spending it also doesn't affect your daily living. Your day too (Editing by: Thida)