Many countries have delayed mass rallies, including elections, sporting events, festivals and more, to stop the spread of the deadly virus, Kov-19.

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Riyadh announced Thursday that pilgrims will be temporarily banned as the Kingdom complies with "international standards approval" by suspending the suspension. Enter the country for Umrah purpose and join the mosque.

"The Kingdom has confirmed that these procedures are temporary and subject to ongoing review by the competent authorities," the official statement read. "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges citizens not to travel to countries where the new coronavirus is spreading. We ask Almighty God to free us from all humanity, all dangers. ”

Saudi Arabia has also suspended entry of tourists if they ever travel to a country hit by the disease.

Several countries in the Middle East have already confirmed cases of the virus, with at least 139 infected in Iran, 33 in Bahrain and 26 in Kuwait.

Europe has also suffered from the disease, with more than 300 people infected in Italy and many countries reporting their first cases.

Update: October