Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Interior Minister Sar Kheng warns those who raise false information about Kov-19's disease to spread social unrest Be responsible to the law. According to Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng, speaking to reporters after the conclusion of the meeting on measures to prevent HIV infection on Friday, March 20, 2020 Ministry of Interior.

"At this time, the whole world is united to prevent the disease. So we, Khmer as well, I continue to call attention to the interests of the individual separately to the color group. Go to get together. There are two separate issues, the first one regarding the facts we welcome. The truth is, sometimes they are against the government in the democratic framework, that they do not care or criticize it. Yes, indeed, we are welcome. But again, the information was not available, and he (the false informant) inspires. "This is what I am asking for. Please cut down and come to an end for us to come together to protect our lives, our society and our people."

“Right now, that's the problem, so maybe by law we are the authorities that those who are still using. "Disruptive rhetoric may be held liable by law." After the HIV epidemic in Cambodia, a growing epidemic in Cambodia, Sar Kheng appealed to all Cambodians not to worry: Discrimination, segregation and color, and any person posting false information on Kovid 19 will be held responsible.

“Samdech Techo, you have instructed not to divide this Khmer-Khmer language into Khmer, our brothers and sisters. In the instructions of the Ministry of Interior by province, the point is also not to discriminate, and not just Khmer Muslims. Whatever comes to Cambodia with this problem (Kov 19), we must not discriminate. ”

The Ministry of Information on Wednesday, March 18, revealed 47 Facebook and Facebook accounts that spread misinformation about infections. Kodaw 19 in Cambodia, which promotes misinformation, is intended to slander the Royal Government and cause fear to citizens. At the same time, the Ministry of Information also warned of legal action if those Facebook accounts or websites refused to be updated. .

"Along with the efforts of the Ministry of Health, the relevant institutions, the public and the media, to fight the disease 19 Some social media users have made false statements in an attempt to mislead, divert the situation to slander the Royal Government of Cambodia. Causing people to fear. '