Phnom Penh: Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng expressed his desire to impose lifelong driving restrictions on motorists Found using drugs and revoked driver's license for drunk driving while on duty Amendments to the Traffic Law again By increasing the level of fines.

Sar Kheng, who is also chairman of the National Road Safety Committee, made the comments at a meeting to review the results of road safety work. Roads for 2019 and the 2020 Direction Worked yesterday: Stricter Traffic Law Enforcement Needed One which sub-officials The law increased attention. He noted that the current level of fines seems to be lax and mild, which is why he is committing traffic violations. Not so scary.

He said he wants amendments to the traffic law or amendments to the sub-decree to increase the fine of violators. Worse than ever, it was until the driver's license suspended in a drunk and drug-addicted state was suspended Driving for a lifetime.

“I noticed that the fine in our traffic case was really light. I want to get his driver's license (offender) the first time to use his knife to get his driver's license the second time. Another piercings, and a third time, no longer need to be confiscated, meaning that the person who is fined will be stopped. One or more years of driving is on the blacklist.

“Both drivers are drunk and the drug user is stopped for a lifetime because the drugs are not If it is found in a company that has drug users, it must be responsible. Face of the law. We must take away that privilege for the drug addict, not to drive for a lifetime. ”

Kim Panha, director of the Asia Foundation for Injury Prevention in Cambodia, said that the actions taken by the Minister of Interior were something that the organization had mentioned. Civil Society Meet and Submit to the Ministry of Interior for Draft Traffic Law Amendments to Reduce Traffic Accidents Effective.

He says he supports measures to revoke drivers' licenses in situations where drivers are drunk, but who drive on drugs. They should not be banned from driving for the rest of their lives For any length of time, like 2 years or 5 years and take the exam The new drive is also controlled drugs again.

“We give him a chance to correct himself if he wants to drive a car, we need him to take a driving license,” he said. Newly tested for drug on his body if no drug was found, let him drive, but only if the drug remains It is still forbidden. "

According to the National Police Traffic Safety Department, the number of traffic accidents across the country in the whole of 2019 4,121 deaths resulted in 1,981 deaths and 6,141 injuries, while the average number of deaths per day was 5.4. People. Traffic accidents occurred mostly in Phnom Penh, resulting in 348 deaths, while Sihanoukville had 149 deaths and 143 deaths in Kandal.

The causes of traffic accidents include speeding 38%, disregarding 23%, non-compliance 13 Percentage, 9% alcohol, 5% drunkenness, 2% auto factors and 1% drowsiness.

In 2019, there were 14 truck accidents, 5 deaths and 334 injuries, the report said. People. Of the 97 drivers and drivers monitored, 34 were addicted.

The report also shows that the number of road traffic accidents in 2019 increased by 845, 26% compared to 2018. Of these, the number of fatalities increased by 220 to 12 percent, while injuries rose by 1,371, or about 29 percent.

Most of the fatalities were motorcyclists, accounting for 1,542 of the 1981 total fatalities. 78%. Of those who did not wear a helmet were 1,186, or 77 percent.