Phnom Penh: Minister of Interior Sar Kheng recommended the recruitment of local residents to join the police force and warned that before accepting Any trainees who come to study at the Police Academy of Cambodia must be clearly examined and the relevant units must give value to the trained officers. .

The Police Academy of Cambodia yesterday held a meeting to review the results of the implementation of the five-year strategic plan 2015-2019.

Mr. Seng Phally, President of the Police Academy of Cambodia, said that in the past five years, the Police Academy of Cambodia has conducted 209 training courses with the number of participants. 20,996 people. On average, in one year, the Police Academy of Cambodia runs 42 training courses with an average of 4,200 students. .

In addition to mentioning the many achievements, Mr. Seng Phally also mentioned the misconduct of the police officers who were arrested. Educate, contract, facilitate duties, remove roles and dismiss from the framework. But he did not specify the number of police officers who committed the offense.

Mr. Sar Kheng, who presided over the review ceremony, praised the achievements of the Police Academy, especially the police training by the owner. Self-employment and reduction of travel abroad. He said that competent police officers from this training have participated in protecting the integrity of the territory, maintaining security, social order and providing public services to citizens effectively. . They have professional ethics in their work.

Mr. Kreun reminded that before accepting any trainees to study at the Police Academy of Cambodia, it is necessary to check carefully and the relevant units must provide value. To trained officers. He said that in the past, there were officials who were skilled but not virtuous and acted foolishly when they left.

He said: "Sometimes it is to use the profession to be a thief, a thief, whatever. Ah, it is only ah, another thing, those who have good quality, good morals, good knowledge that have been trained, then we must Use them and avoid the old idea that if I do not use it to go to school to work hard. They will come to study next time. Thus, his business only thinks of learning.

Mr. Sar Kheng cited a case in which a police officer in Phnom Penh committed fraud and drug offenses and was expelled. . However, he applied for a job as a police officer and passed the exam at the Police Academy. But this was known to Prime Minister Hun Sen and told him. But the policeman has been fired.

He encouraged the selection of competent candidates from the grassroots for all administrative police officers because the locals themselves knew Its basis is clear. They are easy to work with people and can effectively manage the base.

Pa Chanroeun, president of the Institute of Democracy of Cambodia, said yesterday that a safe district depends on the quality of security for the people. From the police and the armed forces. But he understands that some armed forces are capable, but their morale seems to be low. Some of them do not seem to understand the principles of democracy and human rights. The use of power also seems to be beyond authority and corrupt.

"I want to see the armed forces, especially the police, as friends of the people, because the attitude of our competent forces is gone," he said. Coming into contact with citizens seems to be completely divided. Our people are afraid of the authorities rather than the law. If the relationship is close, I believe the police force will gain the respect of the people. "When people respect the police, then respect for the law improves." He said the quality of respect for the law in society will improve as citizens and the police force move into a more respectful environment. Mutual.