The car is still carrying sand, dirt, dirt, and the roads are still slick, and every day spraying As the sand in front of the houses became more and more crowded day by day, the road was shattered. Chicken nests and potholes pose a risk to motorcyclists falling into the mud and sand dredging from roadside spills So far, Meanchey district authorities have not taken corrective action Adjusting Galilee.

Traders carrying sandbags to supply Boeung Tumpun Lake and Jiangsu Lake have been losing 60 meters of road and National Highway 2, including 30m of road, despite the authorities' efforts to maintain and educate them. Do not cover tents, flow water, neck choke Sand and sand fall on the same road; you shoot right in the middle of the road, but the sand is full of sand. Worse still, when the hustle and whiskers pass in the eyes of motorists, they often, though not always, suspect sandwiches and local authorities. Just mix it with honey and sugar The problem is that the sand is still clogged with dust and dirt, and the sky is in danger of flooding passengers.

By: Kolab