Cambodia and the world are still activeAnti-coronavirus-19. And so far, the world has yet to find a cure for the deadly disease of Kov-19. According to a Facebook post on Samdech Hun Sen, Cambodian Prime Minister on Monday afternoon.

Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen said that the Royal Government of Cambodia would like to thank more than 200 workers. Which was recently suspended from returning to Cambodia when our country imposed strict travel restrictions.

But this time the travel ban was lifted so that the Royal Government of Cambodia decided that more than 200 Cambodian workers' sons could return. Home country. But the baby must give the Malaysian authorities time to get the health test to confirm that the child has no positive signs of coronary disease. . All of us, both at home and abroad, are always careful not to bring in and outbreaks. Kov-19 is extremely contagious.

Don't worry if the baby is not infected with polio-19, he may return to Cambodia soon Recently. On the other hand, if the Malaysian side detects the K-19 on any of the children, it is necessary to stay there until they are cured. Let's get back to Cambodia.

For children returning to Cambodia, it is necessary to take 14 days (separately) to monitor their health continuously. There is also a 14-day special treatment at home