Phnom Penh: Samdech Techo calls for the use of krama instead of masks to prevent the virus. Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen advises people to use the Coronavirus vaccine to keep their sellers from raising prices. Yes. The Prime Minister said this as the masked seller started raising prices and wrote a clear letter on a 4,000-riel mask. Inauguration Ceremony of National Highway No. 5 and the Construction of National Road No. 10 in the morning of March 9, 2020 This.

Samdech said that the use of krama because locally produced krama will make it good for sale. The use of the krama is an ancient belt that can be used in any shape and can change the water. When health problems, scarves can cover the mouth.

In this morning's event, Samdech Techo Hun Sen paid tribute to the Khmer Rouge. This is the prince's new collar because when you use it Much so that the masks sellers raise prices, they use scarves because the scarves are flexible while the mass is used Only 3 hours They just stopped using it. Using a scarf to use at any time and to help the Khmer scarf market Nuon, who invented the idea of ​​sewing scarves as a citizen, Some appeared to be appalled after a 38-year-old man was found Kov S-19 in Siem Reap.

About three months ago, the price of one riel was 500 riel, or 500 riel, but now the price rises to 4,000 riel. This is a good sign for an investment that can earn thousands of dollars … If demand increases, then prices continue to rise. Each.

The CPP Phnom Penh, CPP-PhnomPenh, on March 9, 2020, posted on the official Facebook page: “We would like to ask the authorities to assist the professional officers. According to the report, Meng Heng Sem posted a picture of the seller you sold. Clearly written a mass of 40 0 Riel. The owner of the Facebook account confirmed that the site is located in Chom Chao district.

It would be highlighted that, at a press conference of the Ministry of Health on March 7, 2020, Minister of Health Mam Bunheng confirmed. In the case of those who sell maize overpriced, the Ministry will cooperate with the economic authority to sign. Welcome ៕ By: Columbus