Prey Veng: Samdech Techo Hun Sen asked the Ministry or Department of Agriculture to continueAdditional attention, such as training additional skills to farmers in animal husbandry techniques and the provision of technical equipment, and the Ministry of Agriculture to consider. Prepare land to create ponds to help supply water to farmers. Cambodia will turn the Kovid 19 crisis into an opportunity for agriculture, and the lost power of industry will turn to agriculture Back.

On Tuesday morning, July 14, 2020, Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, inspected breeding activities. Fish breeding and frog breeding at the Fish Breeding Research and Development Center, as well as conversations with farmers in Peam Ro district, Prey Veng province.

According to the report of HE Veng Sakhon, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, this center has important roles and activities on research and production. Fish breeding, technical training, aquaculture and so on. The center produces millions of species of fish each year, such as catfish, trout, catfish, tilapia, frogs, lobsters and other carp. For distribution to farmers to raise throughout the country and no longer enter public waters, community fish ponds to increase the production of all kinds of fish and species. Domestic fish as well.

On that occasion, Samdech Techo Hun Sen invited farmers who raise fish and frogs to know about the convenience and The current difficulties of raising fish and frogs to find a solution for our farmers. For farmers who raise fish, it has proved convenient at present because raising with modern technology, equipment, food, security in the country, etc. are creating conditions. Easy. As for the difficulties, such as lack of capital, market problems, lack of water, lack of techniques to treat sick fish and so on.
As for raising frogs, it is easy to get the results, it can take only 2 to 3 months to get the results. Easy to harvest, especially during the Kovid 19 season, frogs are very popular because farmers need to raise a lot. As for the consequences, such as the lack of some techniques and the problem of lack of water.

Samdech Techo Hun Sen said that now is the normalization of life in a new direction after we faced the Kovid 19 crisis. Although in some areas we have problems and suspend important ceremonies, the process of farmers does not change or suspend.

The Prime Minister expressed his pride in the progress and progress of the aquaculture sector, which has made a significant contribution to the promotion People's livelihood and national economy as well.

The Prime Minister continued that although we are facing crises in some sectors such as industry and services, but the agricultural sector. It is one of the best sectors because it guarantees the local food problem and exports to the market. Foreign.

Samdech Techo PM announces that in the circumstances of the 19th Kovid Crisis, Cambodia would like to announce its participation in the regional food supply chain. Such as the supply of rice and fish. Cambodia will turn the Kovid 19 crisis into an opportunity for agriculture, and the lost power of industry will turn to agriculture Back.

On that occasion, Samdech Techo Prime Minister urged farmers to continue raising more animals to supply household needs and export. At the same time, in this aquaculture work, Samdech Techo urged the Ministry to make more efforts, which from now on we can not rely on No more natural fish aquaculture, we need to encourage farmers to feed themselves through training from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Samdech Techo Hun Sen continues to call on all people to continue to be careful to protect themselves from infectious diseases Wid 19.

Before concluding, Samdech Techo Hun Sen also announced to give some gifts to more than 100 farmers and fisheries officials to participate in the ceremony. This is due to the acquisition of some equipment, especially equipment to protect Kovid 19 rice and catfish fry to be raised with some money. Also.
By: Kolap