Phnom Penh: Samdech Prime Minister of Cambodia has confirmed to his people Vietnamese news outlets have tightened restrictions on people from Europe and Cambodia who have been exposed to the coronavirus virus. Samdech: I order the Cambodian Foreign Minister to protest the Vietnamese side for the bad news From Cambodia. I'm not afraid because, according to what the Vietnamese Embassy presented to the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while protecting the health of Vietnam, it is recommended. Strengthening safe entry to all religions

Cambodia's Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen has reacted strongly to the publication of Vietnam's VNA news agency which says Vietnam is restricted to Cambodians who have crossed over to Vietnam to prevent the spread of the disease. Such publicity can be confusing to Cambodia, and may provoke public anger and outrage from Cambodians. But it is an unacceptable truth that is completely unacceptable.

Speaking at the inauguration of National Road No 55 in Veal Veng District, Pursat Province on March 9, 2020, this meant that Cambodia must be Vietnam has been classified as a stranger. So I did not agree, I immediately used Deputy Prime Minister Prak Sokhon to contact the Vietnamese side. So the Vietnamese ambassador in the province did not know the opposite, the newspaper posted this point without removing. There will be a diplomatic protest. "Even on Saturday and Sunday, I have to protest the foreign minister to Vietnam. Why not protest to Vietnam, not to the Vietnamese government, but Vietnam's VNA has a terrible press release from Cambodia, I'm not afraid . So, Cambodia is in the category of being classified as Vietnam, so I do not agree, I immediately told Prak Sokhon to contact Vietnam. ” Hun Sen made this point.

“This becomes a problem if the Cambodian people react, and the Cambodian people may be able to block Vietnam from crossing over Come back, but settled yesterday. "

He added: Why do you put my country at risk for Vietnam? He said this would be a problem if Cambodians were to react, as Cambodians closed the border to allow Vietnam to enter Cambodia, and then suffer. Casualties on both sides.

“Vietnamese newspapers were published in both English and Vietnamese,” he said. So I ask, if we were scared and sent to Vietnam, would Vietnam go? And we are not sick of Vietnamese news! Did you let us go to Thailand? They are not going to go, so be confident. ”

William Guang wrote, “I am deeply saddened by the misrepresentation of Vietnam's VNA over the case of covid19 in Japanese men. A recent one. I support all Cambodian measures on Vietnam on this issue, including defining diplomacy and closing border checkpoints, etc. if there is no amendment Information that will put Cambodia on the blacklist covid19!
As a Cambodian citizen and head of a political party in Cambodia, I do not accept that there is no correction or apology. No, it is Vietnam's intention to mislead the thinking of the world and cause the world to discriminate against Cambodia. ” : Kolab