Kompong Speu: According to two villagers, there is a group of children playing water splashing activities Bottom: 15:50 pm west of Taing Sreng village on National Road 44 between Km 42-43 in the village Tang Sreng Commune, Oral District, Kampong Speu Province.

Colonel Buth Bunthoeun, Inspector General of the Aral district, with the command of Brigadier General Sam Samoun, brought the force down to Kampong Speu province. The targets apparently were those who fled the motorbikes and bottles of water.

At the top of this place, there are 8 motorcycles (1) Black C125 motorcycles wearing license plate Kampong Speu 1L.4359 Free 2018 (2) C125 Black Label 1H.5323 Freestyle 2016 (3) C125 Black Plaque Wear Speaker 1H.4541 Free 2016 (4) Motorbike C125 Red (Black Scotch) Wear badge Kampong Speu 1H.0706 Free 2013 (5) Black C125 Wear a skirt No.1 Phnom Penh 1CQ.5766 Free 2014 (6) Black C125 Motorcycle badge Phnom Penh 1BS.3221 Free 2011 (7) C125 Color Black middle license plate 1M.7862 Free 2011 (8) Black C125 motor (white Scott) No license plate 2014.

Currently, the authority of the Aral district police has dispatched the eight motorcycles to the district police inspector general for further advice. .

According to the provincial commissioner, parents are requested by parents to instruct their children not to do any acts or actions that cause unrest. The impact on society, especially the masses, is unacceptable….

At a Peace Palace conference this morning, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced the suspension of Khmer New Year celebrations and company officials Private companies, factories and banks are operating on Khmer New Year on April 13-15 and 16th. But receiving angels at home usually takes place. Particularly, the state will reimburse the five-day holiday when the disease-free 19 is available in Cambodia.

Samdech Prime Minister also claimed that the safest place at the moment is the workplace, such as factories, government institutions. If you are allowed to visit during the Lunar New Year then the Khmer New Year may be at greatest risk. In the name of Samdech Hun Sen, the head of the government has called for the reduction of trips to their hometowns or resorts in the coming New Year With the goal of reducing viral transmission.

This is one of the measures the government has put in place in response to the growing outbreak of Kov 19 The world as well as Cambodia.

By: Kolab